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Welcome to the future of art!


In a world where technology writes the rules, NFTs have forever changed the way we consume and monetize art. Now artists can sell their work directly to their fans and take control of their careers. Welcome to the Metaverse, where the lines between real and digital are blurring and the possibilities are endless. 


CREO Gallery's Education Program is a comprehensive educational offering for artists and creatives looking to establish themselves in the digital art market. It offers online training and consultations focused on topics such as getting started in the metaverse, NFTs for artists, and important information and tips from experts.


Our goal is to provide artists with the tools and resources they need to succeed in the future art world. Our focus is on the new opportunities for artists through NFTs. We connect the old and new worlds and build the bridge between the physical and digital art worlds. Our artists are given the opportunity to maximize their creative freedom and independence and take control of their careers in the future art market. Our educational program not only imparts theoretical knowledge, but also demonstrates practical applications and strategies to successfully grow as an artist and position oneself in the best possible way.


CREO Gallery's Education Program

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