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Experience the Power of Partnership with CREO Gallery! Specializing in art curation, we offer an influential platform to our partners, fostering a vibrant community that ensures maximum exposure for companies and galleries alike. We are committed to bringing your exhibitions, NFT events, and unique creative concepts to life.

With our robust community comprising over 6400 artists and art connoisseurs, your reach extends far and wide. Our diverse team of experts diligently handpicks artists to align with your vision, thereby providing the perfect artistic solution for all your endeavours.

Capitalize on our comprehensive network and deep understanding of the art market dynamics in Kombination mit einem erfahrenen Team für Marketing & Branding. Collaborate with CREO Gallery - where art meets business for the mutual benefit of all parties involved. Reach out to us today to initiate the journey of a fruitful partnership!

Our Services
for Companies & Galleries




At CREO Gallery, we understand curation as more than just selecting and organizing artworks. Curating for us is about making the perfect selection, taking into account not only the works themselves, but also the goals of an exhibition, event or special collaboration between the gallery, the company and the artists.
Our collaborations with renowned and emerging artists, including innovative NFT artists, and our active community of over 6400 members allow us to make exceptional selections. At CREO Gallery, we don't just curate art - we curate experiences.



We use our extensive international experience to create exhibitions that tell compelling stories and leave a lasting impression.
We pay close attention to the goals of each exhibition, event or collaboration and ensure harmony between the gallery, the company and the artists.
Whether showcasing artists for themed, solo or group exhibitions, or promoting emerging talent or established masters, we are able to offer a diverse and stimulating selection. At CREO Gallery, we don't just exhibit art - we create immersive experiences that inspire, challenge and linger in the hearts of our visitors.



Partnering with CREO Gallery offers galleries and businesses the unique opportunity to benefit from our extensive expertise and robust niche community of over 6,400 active members. From a marketing perspective, this partnership provides direct access to a highly engaged audience that is passionate about art and constantly looking for new, innovative experiences.
Partnering with CREO Gallery essentially means amplifying your impact, building deeper connections with art lovers, and ultimately driving your growth in the dynamic art landscape.




Our team of experts has extensive knowledge and experience in the art industry, digital innovation, and marketing strategies. We offer comprehensive advice on topics such as curation, exhibition planning, artist relations and audience engagement, NFT marketing and positioning. For companies looking to engage with art brands or corporate collections, we can help identify opportunities that fit seamlessly with your brand values and target market. For galleries, we offer guidance on artist selection, exhibition planning, and promotional activities that can increase your visibility and reach within the art community.



If you're in search of a particular artistic talent, style, or concept, our team is dedicated to finding the perfect match for your needs.
Navigating the vast artistic landscape can be challenging.
Our ART-SCOUT service streamlines this process, leveraging our deep industry connections and extensive expertise to identify promising talents that align with your specific requirements.
The CREO Gallery ART-SCOUT service provides you with exclusive access to fresh talents and distinctive art pieces that meet and exceed your expectations.




Connect your brand with the power of high-quality art and explore a new dimension of marketing that resonates on a deeply emotional and aesthetic level. It's about creating a brand identity that not only stands out but also deeply connects with your audience on a cultural and emotional level. At CREO Gallery, we guide you through this journey, leveraging our expertise and understanding of art to find pieces that reflect your brand values, personality, and aspirations. We don't just align your brand with art - we intertwine your brand story with the narrative of the artwork, creating a harmonious and captivating brand image.

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