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           & NFT-ARTISTS.

At the heart of CREO Gallery, we understand well the challenges artists face in the ever-evolving arts landscape. We offer comprehensive services such as year-round artist representation, regular open calls, artist mentorships, and personal marketing support.

We organize live online masterclasses on important topics such as NFTs and artist positioning, and guide artists on their journey between the traditional art market and innovative NFT space.

Our team of experienced art experts and enthusiasts are passionate about both traditional and NFT art. Join our community and share your creative journey with us.

Our Services for Artists




Maximize your artistic potential with CREO's individual consultation! Benefit from the insights of our experienced team in a one-hour, one-on-one consultation. Whether you're navigating the world of NFTs, refining your artistic positioning, or looking for strategies to increase your presence in the art market, our personalized consultation will give you the tools you need to succeed. Book your very own personal session now.


350 Euro / hour



Embark on a Journey of Growth with CREO's Year-Long Representation! Experience our comprehensive program that supports you every step of the way, from refining your artistic strategy and vision, to maximizing your online presence, boosting sales, and securing pivotal exhibitions. Experience a transformative year of intense growth and achievement with our dedicated team. Propel Your Career - Join the CREO Representation Program Today!

5950 Euro / year



We regularly curate within our gallery network for partner galleries, companies, and NFT events. Our dedicated team meticulously selects artists that align perfectly with each theme, providing them with visibility and exposure. We organise both group exhibitions and solo exhibitions for our artists under gallery representation.

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individual price





Amplify Your Voice with CREO's Art Marketing! Our dedicated marketing team leverages social media platforms, artist interviews, and personalized marketing consultations to enhance your visibility and audience engagement. We're committed to showcasing your unique artistic vision to the world, while helping you navigate the ever-evolving digital landscape.


Start making bigger waves with CREO's Art Marketing today!

from 350 Euro



Unleash your potential with CREO's Masterclass! Registrations are now open for this transformative experience. Dive into key topics such as NFTs and artist positioning. Whether you are at the beginning of your journey or an established artist looking to keep up with the rapidly evolving art world, our Masterclass is tailored to support your progress.
Take a step forward in your artistic career - don't miss this comprehensive learning opportunity. Secure your spot in the CREO Masterclass today!


individual price



Boost Your Artistic Reach with CREO's Art Branding! We offer you the unique opportunity to partner with esteemed companies, transforming your art into high-quality merchandise. This not only diversifies your revenue streams but also broadens your reach to a wider audience. Our team works alongside you, preserving your unique vision in every piece of merchandise. Plus, don't miss any opportunity to shine! 

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Join the CREO Community Today!


From extensive gallery representation to open calls and artist sponsorships, we offer a range of services tailored to your artistic journey. Note, our program is exclusive to our community members - it's not open for external applications. We look forward to collaborating with you and elevating your art career to new heights.


Become part of the CREO community today and let's create art that makes a difference!"

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