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We had the pleasure of speaking with Mike Lindtner, a renowned Austrian artist and photographer, on the occasion of his CREO Gallery exhibition at NYC ARTEXPO 2023. Known for his nude photography and digital paintings, Lindtner's work captures the natural beauty of the human body through the use of abstract shapes and lines. With numerous commissions for the automotive industry and awards such as the QEP and "Master of Color" awards, Lindtner's work has been exhibited worldwide and has earned him recognition as one of the best automotive photographers in Europe. In our interview, Lindtner talks about his artistic process and inspiration.

Can you tell us how you discovered your passion for art?

The interest in art was already there as a child. Before I went to school I was fascinated by Michelangelo's David and by Florence in general. For example, surrealism was also a topic when I graduated from high school. I can't say WHEN I discovered my passion for art - it was actually always there.

How would you describe your artistic style?

Photography with digital, surrealistic painting.

What role does collaboration with other artists play in your work?

There is no direct collaboration with other artists (yet). But I guess it would be very attractive.

How does your environment or travel influence your artistic work?

The world, the environment in which we all move has an influence on us, our personality and our work. Conscious and unconscious.

What inspires you most in your artistic work?

Works by painters, sculptors and photographers.

What is most important to you in creating your artwork?

Time, time, time.

Can you tell us about a particular project or artwork where you felt especially challenged?

Every new beginning, every white canvas, every first white level is always a special challenge for me.

Can you give us a deep insight into your creative process and what considerations and steps are involved?

I can't. Even if I wanted to. There are no considerations in my creative processes, no specific intention. My pictures arise from a gut feeling, they arise because they have to.

To what extent are you willing to push your artistic boundaries or take on new challenges?

Don't creative people face new challenges every day and don't they just expand their artistic limits by doing so?

How important is it to you to convey a certain message or statement in your artworks?

Absolutely not important. If my pictures leave room for individual interpretations, then that's nice. But I will never use my pictures to transport certain messages. Even the titles of my pictures are purely subjective and in no way oblige you to run any mental marathons.

To what extent does success play a role in your work as an artist and how do you define this term for yourself?

Just like in more than 40 years as a photographer in the international advertising scene, I still define success today with an inpayment on my account. Generous pats on the back in 3D and likes on social networks are nice pats, but you can't buy milk in the supermarket with them either.

What is your goal or vision and where do you want to go with your work?

Of course, every creative person who is passionate about their work dreams of being able to perform internationally. And if I'm pursuing a goal that has nothing to do with the goals I'm already chasing after (namely creating beautiful, harmonious pictures), then certainly that of being internationally present.

How do you evaluate the financial value of your artwork and what factors do you rely on to determine the price?

The value of a work of art lies individually in the eyes of the individual beholder. Estimating the financial value is therefore impossible.

What challenges have you overcome in your career and how have you faced them?

Answering this question would go beyond the scope here.

How did you sell your first artworks and how did you establish yourself in the international art scene?

Surprisingly simple. Collectors became aware of me through social media, through my international vernissages and through word of mouth. Then the rest took care of itself.

Can you tell us about a special experience in your artistic career?

Among the special experiences in my career I certainly count the frequent encounters with other artists such as Helmut Newton, Alfred Hrdlicka, Gottfried Kumpf, Ernst Fuchs, ….

How do you see the future of the art market and your role in it?

I am absolutely relaxed about my future role in the art market. I will continue to create images primarily for myself. If people continue to like them and buy them, then my pleasure knows no bounds.

How do you go about finding buyers and art collectors and what channels do you use to do so?

Through galleries that present me and through vernissages, social networks, and so on.

How important is the connection between art and technology to you?

By combining photography with digital painting, the answer is obvious.

How do you deal with the digitalization of the art market and the changes it brings?

Although digitalization has opened the door to the charlatans of this world, I still see the development as positive.

How do you see the coexistence of the traditional art market and the digital art market in the future?


To what extent does the current social and political situation influence your artistic work?

Absolutely not. Creating my pictures, I have the opportunity to create my environment, my world, as I feel like it. But that doesn't mean that I negate the current global situation.

How do you deal with criticism of your artworks and how important is the public reception of your works to you?

Criticism is important for the further creation process. You just have to distinguish between constructive criticism and envious comments.

What projects or goals do you have for the future in your artistic career?

Possibly one or the other international exhibition. Otherwise, let's see what's coming.

You would like to learn more about Mike Lindtner?

Our partner gallery ARTMEA is available for all questions.

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