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INTERVIEW: Sven Schölermann

This talented artist is a Hamburg-based graphic designer and marketer with over 20 years of experience in the industry. He has showcased his works in various comic art exhibitions worldwide and has a diverse range of skills, from digital illustrations to 3D augmented reality and video art. In 2021, he ventured into the world of NFTs, combining his love for art and technology. His vast experience and creative expertise make him a sought-after artist in the industry.

Can you tell us a bit about your artistic career and how you came to create NFT art?

At the end of 2020 I was dealing with cryptocurrencies because of the Corona Pandemic and

quickly realized that although I found the technology fascinating, it didn't suit me. Since I have read and heard a lot about NFTs at the same time, I tried the first steps in 2021 to combine crypto technology with my passion for art.

When did you decide to establish yourself as an artist/NFT artist and what type of artwork do you most enjoy creating?

As mentioned at the beginning, I took the first steps in July 2021 and tried to establish the

@RabbitsCrypto (a concept I developed years ago as a streetwear brand) as NFTs. At the

same time, I always wanted to represent "real" art and opened my own account on Twitter in

September 2021.

Can you walk us through the process of creating one of your NFT artworks from start to finish?

My illustrations and digital paintings develop in my mind's eye over weeks and are always

influenced by events in my immediate environment. So something slowly builds up in my

mind, which I then implement creatively.

When using artificial intelligence, I take a different approach due to the technology. Here I have to describe in words what I feel and want to implement. Sometimes abstract, sometimes playful and sometimes very representational. AI is a very different approach for me as it is against my own nature. But I face the challenges and always try to find different ways to best express myself.

How has technology influenced or changed the way you create art?

Technology has always fascinated me. Before and during my studies, of course, this was not

available to the extent that it is now, but even as a teenager I use it as far as possible.

Technical developments are currently proceeding so rapidly that it is difficult to keep up with

them. Ultimately, technique is a tool like a canvas or a brush to express myself differently.

Can you describe a particularly challenging or rewarding moment in your artistic career?

Certainly a highlight of my career as an artist was that one of my comic art was exhibited and I got to know many well-known comic artists. Another was that I myself was part of a temporary urban and naked art installation in Berlin that was accessible for 3 hours during an event. I was caught in an industrial environment of steel which surrounded me more and more and was finally blown up by the urge for freedom.

How does your cultural or personal background influence your art?

Not so much, as I'm more influenced by the people around me and their feelings and stories.

What challenges have you experienced so far as an NFT artist and how have you overcome them?

I don't really see any major challenges. Of course I was overwhelmed by the sheer size and

the many artists and I was worried about being able to present myself, but in the meantime I

have accepted that I don't consciously follow every trend in order to stand out, but rather

follow my path, which is me will lead somewhere.

How did you sell your first NFT artwork and how did you establish yourself in the NFT market?

My first sold works were more commercial creations, using AI for the first time to test and

learn about this technique. This spread very well via a Twitter group and I have sold a few

NFTs. However, these works should by no means be my artistic future and I broke off this path despite the economic success.

How do you see the future of NFT art and what do you think will change in the future?

NFTs bring a whole new and broad dimension to art to reach more people. I think that serious art will continue to stand out from the many commercial projects and will even prevail. Of course, the speed of the projects is enormous, but ultimately the market will be saturated at some point.

How do you stay up-to-date with the latest developments and trends in the NFT market?

I read some news and keep my eyes open. And I see what is broadcasted about NFTs and

digital art outside of Social Media - that’s more important to get more acceptance.

What advice would you give to newcomers to the Space or new NFT artists?

Be yourself and don't doubt. Don't look too much at the successes of others and go your

way, which will lead you to a place destined for you. Twitter can dry you up if you're not


Twitter: @SOULw1p3R

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