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The CREO Gallery




CREO Gallery is the partner for artists who want to bring their vision to the world. We understand the challenges artists face and have made it our mission to support them on their journey.


We have built a broad network of partner galleries, art experts and companies to support our artists and provide them with a platform to monetize their work and gain international visibility.


We have an experienced team with many years of expertise in the art market and share a passion for traditional and NFT art. We constantly strive to adapt to changing market conditions and offer a unique perspective on the art market. 


With our years of experience, strong network and passion for art, we are the best partner for artists who want to advance their career in the art market.


Why are we doing this?

So that art becomes a philosophy of life and great visions the reality of tomorrow.

Art is not only a form of expression, but also a philosophy of life. Artists live in a world full of emotion and intensity. It takes passion and dedication to create art - but also to become visible. Any artist who has this passion within them has the potential to successfully build their career in the art market. Our goal is to help artists realize their talents and visions and establish themselves in the art market. CREO Gallery is not a classical gallery, but a partner on the way to take passion and creativity to the next level with individuality.

From classic gallery exhibitions to special funding programs, we offer an innovative gallery concept that always adapts to market conditions, focusing on building the individual artist's career. 

CREO Gallery offers artists comprehensive support on their path to success in the art world. We guide artists as they enter the NFT space and maintain close ties with the NFT community. We are on several expert committees and maintain contact with corporations for art branding and corporate collections. Through our own collection and our consulting work for art collectors, we are an important partner for artists and collectors alike.


How are we doing this?


What are we doing?

  • Exhibitions.
    Arrangement & supervision of exhibitions with international gallery partner network IRL & METAVERSE.

  • Education.
    Access to exclusive online course program about NFT, art market and artist career, expert interviews, knowledge for building your own artist career.

  • Consulting.
    Individual support and consulting for all CREO Gallery Artists from Education program.

  • Art Branding.
    Exclusive Art-Merchandise in combination with brand building (IRL & NFT) we bring artists and brands / companies together for long term partnerships.

  • Collection.
    Purchase into own collection or for collections of private art collectors.

        THE TEAM

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