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CREO aka Christine Jaksch is a renowned contemporary artist who has been working as an artist for over 20 years. Her work spans a variety of media, including abstract painting, digital art, and photography. Jaksch's abstract, expressive style has drawn attention to her talent at international art fairs and galleries. Since 2013, she has been included in the Women in Art project by art expert Reinhard Fuchs as one of the most recognized artists in contemporary art. Her works mainly document changes and reflect various development processes.

Closed collections are typical for the artist. Since the beginning of her artistic career, Jaksch has been intensively exploring a theme, experimenting with different media and styles to give the contents the best possible expression, and concluding each of her collections until she turns to the next theme. This has resulted in various collections such as Lifeline, Secret Art, Bulls, Lacquer and Leather, Jack Bavarian, Gallery Collection, etc. In recent years, the artist has increasingly explored the possibilities of digital technologies and presents her NFT art under the artist name CREO.

In 2022, she also founded CREO Gallery to leverage her years of experience and network to help young, emerging artists establish themselves in both the NFT field and the traditional art market.

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A distinctive feature of Jaksch's work is her closed Collections. She explores a theme intensively, experiments with different media and styles, and concludes each collection before moving on to the next theme, including the development of the individual, power, strength, life energy, sensuality, passion, perception, and the future.




The Genesis Collection, PINS, amalgamates artificial intelligence, digital painting, and digital editing into a captivating fusion that pushes the boundaries of creativity. PINS offers a diverse and expressive selection of artworks in the form of static images and animated GIFs, rich in color, inspiring and challenging in equal measure.

Drawing inspiration from the era of pin-up girls, PINS flawlessly showcases CREO's distinctive artistic style, capturing the essence of this era through its impulsive, emotional, and nonconformist approach to painting. The interplay of black lines and torn shapes within the paintings reflects CREO's unique artistic expression, for which she has gained recognition under her real name on the international art stage.

With the PINS collection, CREO aims to bridge the gap between the old and new worlds of art, by exploring and honoring the central themes of both. This collection stands as a testament to CREO's dedication to innovation and tradition, creating a space where digital art can thrive while remaining true to the principles of classical artistic expression.




The COLLECTION BULLS is a striking assembly of acrylic paintings, applied with a unique technique developed by the artist that allows the canvas's texture to remain visible despite the intensive use of color. The bold, vibrant depictions of bulls symbolize power, strength, and resurgence.

Each piece in this collection showcases the artist's capacity to communicate complex themes in an expressive, abstract form. The color-rich bulls embody dynamism and the vigor of human emotions. Their powerful presence against the canvas signifies not only physical strength but also the resilience of the human spirit.

In summary, the COLLECTION BULLS is a compelling demonstration of the artist's ability to convey life's dynamism and the complexity of human emotions through her vivid and symbolic representations of bulls.




The COLLECTION LEBENSLINIE by CREO, also known as Christine Jaksch, delves into the intricacies of the individual and the challenges of their development within a social context.

At first glance, the artworks in this collection captivate with their striking colors and shapes. Upon closer inspection, the complex structures and diverse imprints become evident, each marking a profound statement about human existence within societal constraints. Characteristic of the artist's style are the torn and bursting forms, which symbolize the struggles and breakthroughs of personal growth. These striking visual elements, combined with the vivid use of color, create a profound commentary on the human condition, reflecting the myriad experiences and challenges that define our individual and collective journeys.

In essence, the COLLECTION LEBENSLINIE is a captivating testament to CREO's ability to portray complex social themes through abstract art, using color and form to tell compelling stories about individual development and social interaction. It is a celebration of individuality, resilience, and the constant evolution of the human spirit in the face of societal challenges.